About Me

A Little More About Chuck!

  • Farming
  • Volunteer Fire Fighter
  • Volunteer Rescue
  • Grocery Store Stocker
  • Textile Worker
  • Sheriff’s Department Deputy
  • County Litter/Solid Waste Enforcement Director
  • County Emergency Response Team
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Safety Manager
  • Construction Inspector
  • Construction Consultant

A Little About Me And Why I’m Qualified

Hello, my name is Chuck Stanley. I grew up in Clarendon NC a small community in Columbus County. I was a graduate of Williams Township School. Sometime during High School I became a member of Williams Township Volunteer Fire Department, serving 25 years as a volunteer firefighter. I also became a member of Tabor City Rescue Squad serving five years voluntarily. There were many things on my agenda during my High School days, I worked on the farms in the surrounding areas and had taken on a job at a local grocery store. After graduating I started working in the textile industry holding onto to that position four years until receiving a visit from the captain of the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office. He proceeded to tell me that the sheriff would like to speak to me about going to work with them. After the meeting with the sheriff, I applied for a job. I attended school at the North Carolina Justice Academy in Salemburg NC becoming a deputy and a jailor for the county. While working that position an opening came up in the Solid Waste Department for a Litter/Solid Waste Enforcement Technician. Shortly after the director announced his retirement, soon I was promoted to that position, under the supervision of the County Manager and the Board of County Commissioners. With this job I worked closely with t he local, State and Federal Government agencies, all while being on the county and state emergency response teams. I held my job with Columbus County for 15 years, I made a decision to step down and take a job in the construction industry, I am currently the safety manager and superintendant of operations at a local construction company. I have worked closely with the Department of Labor Education Division for the last 13 years. During these years I have attended continuing education classes on safety at various community colleges around the state. Including several attendances in Safety & Health Council of North Carolina.

I am married to a wonderful woman whom also happens to be my best friend, Lesley Stanley. Together we have one handsome son, two beautiful daughters and four spoiled but loveable grandchildren.

We are members of Cypress Branch Baptist Church located in Fair Bluff, NC.

If elected as the Commissioner of Labor, I will work with small, large and in between businesses/companies to make sure all employees/employers know the labor laws, the safety, and the responsibility of all. I will have an open door policy at all times. I will work hard to keep businesses and would love to have the chance to work with Economic Commission to bring more companies and industries to North Carolina.

I’m just a hard working family man with common sense who thinks I have what it takes to get the job done. I would like to thank you for your vote and support this election.

Be sure to vote Chuck Stanley for North Carolina Commissioner of Labor. I’m positive that you won’t be disappointed !!

Thank you all!

Chuck Stanley, Candidate for Commissioner of Labor the Great State of NC

I know about labor…I have got my hands dirty and have been the boss! I know what North Carolina needs for Labor Commissioner. Let me show you, support Chuck Stanley for NC Labor Commissioner!