Endorsements for Chuck

Chuck Endorsed by Mayor of Boardman Randy Williamson

Just would like to encourage everyone to support and vote for Chuck Stanley who is running for North Carolina Commissioner of Labor. I have known Chuck for many year’s and know from experience while working with Chuck in different capacities that he is a hard worker who takes his responsibilities serious. As the Mayor of Boardman I have had to call on Chuck many times to help resolve issues in Town, both while he was Enviromental Officer for the County and during the time that he has worked with Frank Horne Construction, and he has always been available and done all that was within his power to help. He has worked on the same level as the average working man or woman and knows what hard work is and what these people need. A man who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. In short, Chuck is just one of us and doesn”t pretend to be anything different. And even more important as far as I am concerned, he is a good moral person and family man. I know that Chuck would be a great asset to all of us locally, as well as all N.C. I thank you in advance for all your support!

Chuck Endorsed by Rev. K Taylor

Have you ever supported and encouraged citizens to vote for a certain someone and really over exceeded to get a particular person in office, whether it was a sheriff election, senator election or even commissioner elections, and they finally got in office but forgot about what you’ve done for them and all your efforts to get them where they strived so hard to get but they didn’t keep their word or turned into a stranger? I would like to change things around with your help! I publicly encourage each and every one of you to Vote for Chuck Stanley for the North Carolina Commissioner of Labor. Mr.Stanley is a one of a kind man, he’s a hard working, optimistic, open minded, and determined individual. He is going in this election with a mindset to help and improve the state in any way possible with the public’s thoughts and opinions. I urge you all to share this message so that we can help allow Chuck to obtain this opportunity and create a better future for not only the state but the citizens as well. -Rev. K.Taylor

Chuck Endorsement by Patrica Lovin   

Your vote is your voice! I believe if we want to see change in North Carolina Chuck Stanley is the best candidate for Commissioner of Labor. Mr. Stanley is no stranger to hard work or all that it entails; he is a great man of integrity, morals, full of diligence, and he is sure to put others before himself. Chuck Stanley has strived to construct safe, efficient, and productive ways to make North Carolina one of the best states in relation to labor. He is aware of what some encounter daily with insufficient safety protocols, wages, overtime, etc… Mr. Stanley is ready to make alterations that will benefit both you and I. He is prepared to promote economic justice to enhance North Carolina’s work environment. Mr. Stanley is also a man who listens, he takes everything into consideration and certainly does not take any job lightly. I believe that Chuck Stanley is a competent person for the job! He is here to help our families, communities, and state as a whole. Thank you for your support and consideration. 

~Patricia Lovin~

Chuck Stanley